People and Leadership

Technical environments thrive when teams collaborate well and team members are creative, solution oriented individuals from different backgrounds.

My understanding of a wide range of subject matters in both technology and operations will help teams to engage in meaningful, multi-disciplinary conversations with team members and stakeholders on all levels.

LEAN Management

Since the “discovery” of LEAN management in the Toyota Production System (TPS), it has been widely accepted that LEAN provides a simple framework to improve processes on the shop floor and in offices.

Driven by a strong understanding of processes in businesses and technology, my work will focus on value creation and a quick and barrier-free flow of material and information.  LEAN methods combined with a solid understanding of statistical data analysis help me to form a powerful approach for process improvement on all levels of an organization.

New Product Development

New Product Development (NPD) and the Engineering Change Process (ECP) are challenging activities in many well organized technology driven operations.

The creative and spontaneous aspects of product need to be balanced with the need of control and management. Intensive work with both processes in different industries and cultures has given me unique insights in both processes.


In our time, smooth and seamless handling, processing and management of data is an important factor of success.  In an organizational context, data comes in many forms and sizes, be it as a 3D CAD data model, a product’s meta data, master data in the company’s ERP system, QC records from the shop floor, complex analytical data, customer feedback, or the consumers’ behavioral patterns.

Even if “Big Data” is not for everybody, all technical operations benefit from data analysis in product development, product qualification, quality management and problem solving. Through my own long experience data analytics for science and operations, ranging from handwritten notes on control charts to sophisticated data analysis with dedicated software scripts in R or Python, I can strengthen a teams capability for data driven decisions.